Your Freedom – The Power of the Network

Are you free?

Or are you bound by chains that you don’t see? These chains might be how you rely on your job to provide an income. They might be how you rely on medicine to keep you well. They might be how you rely on your bank for the credit that keeps you going.

Relying on your employer, your doctor and your banker can constrain every part of your life. They can control your time, where you live, how you live and what you fear. You may know this. But what you may not know is that you can work constructively to break free from their grip on you. You can control how you make a living. You can control how you access credit and you can control most of the factors that make you healthy.

Based on my own experience of taking back control in these important areas, I have written three short books to help you take control of your life and so become free.

I start with the “Job”. “You Don’t Need a Job”Link to Store – If we can see the Job for what it is, a construct of a paradigm, then we are no longer trapped. For how we make our living is the starting place for the journey.

The second book in the series is called “You Don’t Need a Banker” Link to Store – More than any institution today, Banks seem supreme and essential. But I will show you that to get the credit you need to make a living and to have a good life does not mean that you have to depend on banks as we know them today.

The third book is all about health.


You Don’t Need Medicine to Get Healthy –Link to store . What if our health did not depend on doctors and drugs? This book will explore the new science of Ancestral Health and show you how to take charge of your own health and well being.

When you are no longer reliant on these modern institutions, you can have more control in your life. You can be free. Free in a world where most still are slaves.

You can indeed change the world by changing your own self first.

We have done this before as this short video will illustrate.

All the best to you



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3 Responses to Your Freedom – The Power of the Network

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  2. ron says:

    Great idea Rob!
    How about offering a subscription to the series for those of us who would like to read these as soon as available?

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