Lessons from Vimy


Just over a 100 years ago, generals were faced with the same kind of problem that modern leaders have today. They had been shaped by an era that made them ill equipped to understand and apply the new technology of their time. But, on Easter morning in 1917, an army made up of amateurs, who were not bound by the old ideas, won the battle of Vimy Ridge and showed how the new technology could be used.

This short book is the story of what the Canadians did to solve this problem.

The lessons that they learned apply to all who wish to lead our organizations into the network age.

The book is a practical manual for cultural change paid for in blood and so has great rigour. It is also a human story about an English aristocrat, a real estate salesman and a university professor who together changed the way of war and set in motion a process that lead to peace.

You can buy the book here on Amazon

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